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News > The NAM calls for the responsible use and treatment of information by the media

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The NAM calls for the responsible use and treatment of information by the media

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of I.R of Iran to UN in Geneva, as the NAM Coordinator in a speech in WSIS+10 High-Level event on 10-13 June 201 in Geneva, said: The NAM stress on the need for the implementation and follow up of the outcomes of the both phases of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), held in Geneva and Tunis. In this context, we stress on the importance of the contribution of the Non-Aligned Countries toward achieving the development oriented outcomes of the Summits, the Tunis commitment and the full implementation of the agenda for the Information Society.

To transform the digital divide to digital opportunities, we reaffirm that the related activities should ensure the imperative of universal, inclusive and non-discriminatory access to information and knowledge related to ICT, and should result in supporting national efforts in developing countries in the area of building, improving and strengthening capacities to facilitate their genuine involvement in all aspects of the information society and knowledge economy.

The NAM calls for the responsible use and treatment of information by the media in accordance with codes of conduct and professional ethics Media in all their forms have an important role in the Information Society and ICTs should play a supportive role in this regard. We reaffirm the necessity of reducing international imbalances affecting the media, particularly as regards infrastructure, technical resources and the development of human skills.

We reiterate our support to Tunis Agenda for Information Society, especially its development content and stress the importance of effective participation of equitable and effective representation from developing countries in the implementation of the outcomes of the WSIS process, including for the Internet Governance Forum and Enhanced Cooperation.

The NAM reaffirms the centrality of the role of the General Assembly in the overall review of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society, to be held in 2015.

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